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Modernised workflows and the ability to collaborate have been two of the biggest buzzwords in the business world since organisations discovered e-mail and mobile broadband. But being able to connect to your e-mail remotely (which in essence allow employees to work from anywhere) is old hat.

Modern businesses need tools that allow employees to communicate wherever they happen to be. Not just send e-mail. Taking this a step further, they need to be able to work with other members of the business in real-time – as if they were sitting in the same boardroom around the same computer.

That’s new age collaboration.

Teamwork on steroids:

The gold standard in the modernised workflows space is Microsoft Office, bringing together the document creation tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) that the Redmond giant has become famous for over the years, with a great groupware platform in the form of Exchange, communications tools in the form of Skype for Business and online file storage that syncs with colleagues’ files and the host of devices employees make use of.

These elements together allow for shared calendaring, collaborative document creation (i.e. multiple people working on documents at the same time) and professional communications features, like call recording and backing-up of IM messages.

This solution is so focused on getting the job done, you don’t even need access to a PC.

There’s a host of great iterations for tablet and smartphone – and fantastic access through a web browser. Literally every base has been covered.

And it’s secure enough that access can be controlled from a central location by single or multiple administrators using an intuitive dashboard that business people and not techies can understand.

Modernised WorkflowsBilling that suits the business:

As important as the mobile trend, is the flexibility trend.

Something that makes many companies fearful of adopting new things and working in new ways is the need for long-term contracts. Tarsus on Demand is a fan of cloud-based collaboration solutions like Office 365 because they allow the business to pay for what they use.

Have a short-term project that needs a handful of staff to execute? Well, then add the licenses you need for that period of time and ‘shrink’ back to the essentials when it’s done?

Month-to-month billing and pay-for-what-you-use licensing means the business is always in control of its spend and gets the value it needs. It’s all part of modernised workflows.

Wrapped in a full range of migration services:

If Office isn’t new to you, but what’s holding you back is the massive on-premise infrastructure you have set up in Exchange, our expertise and a key product in BitTitan is exactly what you need.

Using BitTitan, Tarsus on Demand can do a complete audit of your current environment and make recommendations of the changes and preparations needed in anticipation of a move to a full-cloud iteration of Office 365.

All that’s left to do is hit the big green ‘go’ button and start enjoying the benefits of month-to-month, pay as you use billing, along with fully modernised workflows.

Get some help:

While there’s clear benefit to making the move, there’s a vast array of options available. And they can be quite confusing (and there’s some overlap between the different options).

That’s why Tarsus on Demand is here. We’ve not only aggregated the top solutions in the market we’ve got the skills to back it too. And there’s a host of specialised partners waiting in the wings to assist with your needs.

Take a closer look at our Collaboration portfolio or reach out to us and we’ll get back to you soonest.