Mimecast e1529312477984 FORT KNOX FOR EMAIL Always up-to-date 100% cloud-based SECURE WITH MIMECAST

Securing company email is a critical component of any organisation’s overall cybersecurity strategy. This is because email is still the easiest way for attackers to sneak their payloads into corporate networks, and end users remain the weakest link in any cybersecurity strategy.

As a result, the cyberthreat landscape is now more dangerous than ever and securing email against attack requires comprehensive, adaptable, and ever-evolving security measures that on-premises email security solutions are just too slow to provide.

Targeted Threat Protection

Mimecast’s Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection is an always up-to-date, 100% cloud-based service that offers everything a security-conscious organisation needs to protect their email system. Regardless of whether those systems are on-premises, hosted, entirely in the cloud or if they employ a hybrid model, this solution has them covered. The service makes use of Mimecast’s own Secure Email Gateway to protect against spam, commodity attacks, as well as sophisticated targeted attacks, also called “spear-phishing”. On the back-end, Mimecast’s Threat Intelligence Group employs cutting-edge technologies like big data analysis with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning to keep threats at bay.

Mimecast Email Protection offers the following headline features:

  • DNS Authentication services that prevent address sender spoofing
  • Impersonation attack countermeasures
  • Signature-based, static, and sandboxing security inspections that detect and defeat malicious attachments before they end up in the user’s inbox.
  • Malicious web address protection that examines URLs and warns of potentially dangerous content like phishing, malware, or lures.
  • The Mimecast Security Operations Centre continuously monitors threats across billions of emails each month globally and ensures the Mimecast service is always kept up-to-date without on-prem IT having to.
  • Advanced Mimecast technologies actively work to protect against data leaks

End-user Benefits of Mimecast

  • 100% cloud-based email protection that requires no physical infrastructure deployments

  • Professional protection that leverages cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence

  • End-user protection that defeats even the most sophisticated social engineering efforts

  • Office 365 integration

  • User control over encryption, blocked and allowed senders, quarantine, and more

Partner Benefits of Mimecast:

  • Sell world-class email protection to your clients

  • Annuity income through monthly service and support contracts

  • Leverage Tarsus on Demand’s cloud, email deployment, and security competences as your own

  • Local support when planning, deploying, and troubleshooting

Why get Mimecast from Tarsus on Demand?

  • Billing via our CloudBlue automation platform is quick, simple, and reliable

  • You can provision Mimecast solutions 24/7 via CloudBlue

  • We offer extensive planning, advice, deployment, and support assistance

  • Experienced support personnel and customisable SLAs