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Office 365 is the core of Microsoft’s cloud offering when it comes to productivity and collaboration, bringing together everything Microsoft has to offer that ensures smooth and close collaboration between all relevant stakeholders in any given project or process. This includes email, content creation, database management, and spreadsheet functionality software – everything a modern business needs to get going.

Work from Anywhere, at Anytime

Microsoft has embraced the idea that work is wherever you are rather than a place you go, and so office 365 is geared toward supporting all kinds of workers, whether they are in the office or on the road. This is all on offer for a modest subscription fee per user, per month, manageable from a central console in a way that makes managing costs and overseeing user admin just that much easier. And thanks to deep integration with Windows 10, which is underpinned by Microsoft’s cloud offerings, each Office 365 subscriber gets a full terabyte of cloud storage and can work from anywhere, because their files and settings follow them wherever they go.

No computer? No problem!

Simply sign into your Microsoft account on any Windows 10 machine, and all of your software and data is there, waiting to be installed/downloaded. It couldn’t be any easier.

A big misconception about Office 365 is that you must always be connected to the internet to use it. This is not so: the desktop apps that are installed with every subscription work perfectly without connectivity – they just function best with a connection, as that is how the sharing/collaborating/emailing takes place.

Office 365 works on all major operating systems, whether they’re desktop or mobile, giving subscribers access to all of its functionality no matter if they’re Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, or Android users.

Skype for Business

Skype for consumers works fine as a tool to chat with friends and family, but for businesses communications tools need to be a bit more feature-rich, to enable conversations with tens of stakeholders at once, where all manner of assistive tools should be available to help drive that business messaging home. That’s where Skype for Business comes in: it’s Microsoft’s enterprise-grade version of its consumer communication software that has features better-suited to a business environment, from a wider range of conversation/presentation tools to support for far larger audiences.

Key benefits of Skype for Business

  • Creates meetings by sharing a link

  • Can share participants’ screens

  • Supports live polls

  • Has a shared whiteboard

  • Supports conversations with ≤250 participants

  • HD video with head-tracking and automatic cropping

  • Records the audio and video of online meetings

  • Integrates with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote

Microsoft Teams

Teams + Office 365 = winGetting hold of the right people at the right time, ensuring everyone is on the same page and has access to all of the information they need about the projects they’re involved in, can be a huge business challenge. In fact, it’s a common pain point for organisations across the globe… but it’s an addressable one.

Collaborating effectively is a matter of using the right tools, and Microsoft Teams is Redmond’s “right tool”.

It’s an all-in-one collaboration tool that allows groups of people to work closely together using the familiar environments of Microsoft Office and Skype for Business, but in a way that offers insight and transparency across all of the conversations, task assignment, and follow-up usually required of the people involved in any project.

Microsoft Teams lets teams talk (literally and via messaging), email, and comment, all from one handy central location, offering team leaders the visibility and transparency that enables their ability to co-ordinate tasks and events efficiently, and to ensure deadlines are set and adhered to.


Centralised, cloud-hosted storage is just one of the things that makes OneDrive special. While storing files in Microsoft’s many datacentres is essentially its function, that is what facilitates the centralised access that enables workers to contribute to shared documents in real-time, and share files centrally without having to email them wherever they need to be.

Easy collaboration on any device.

For example, instead of several versions of a work file doing the rounds by email, being named increasingly-confusing things like “ProjectX_Final.docx”, “ProjectXFinal_Final.docx”, “ProjectX_Reallytruly_Final.docx”, and “ProjectX_Noreallythisisit_proper_final.docx”, workers have simultaneous access via OneDrive to the document being created, and they always see the most up-to-date version with everyone else’s contributions clearly marked.

And from a business perspective, OneDrive storage can be managed as if it’s on-prem rather than in the cloud from a central console, where admins can grant the appropriate rights to folders according to business directives.

OneDrive is everything an enterprise-grade storage solution needs to be for the modern business, offering all of the benefits of public cloud storage as well as some of the more practical benefits of hosting business data in the private cloud (tight control).


SharePoint is an excellent solution for powering an organisation’s internal intranet. It allows staff to share all Office 365 collateral on a SharePoint node, and present it all with an easy to use, attractive interface.

SharePoint is available on its own, or as part of a package that can be customised to the business’s needs.

Why Tarsus on Demand?

Instant access, wherever you are.Why choose Tarsus on Demand for Microsoft’s extensive suite of enterprise-grade collaboration tools? Because Tarsus on Demand uses CloudBlue, an automated provisioning tool that gives partners instant access to whichever Microsoft product they wish to procure for themselves or their clients.

That immediate access means anyone can order products and services at any time of the day or night, too, as CloudBlue is always available: clients can make purchases and have their products loaded onto their Microsoft accounts in minutes – literally – in the middle of the night if they want to.

CloudBlue also allows Tarsus on Demand’s partners to set up their own branded online storefronts that are directly linked to CloudBlue, which they can present to their clients.

The benefit there is that partners can make sales while they’re not even open, and Tarsus on Demand is there to provide local support, along with planning, implantation, and procurement expertise that can help partners satisfy their clients’ needs when it comes to all things Microsoft