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Tarsus on Demand offers partners access to every Microsoft Azure service.

And since Microsoft offers everything imaginable from the cloud, from storage to specific hosted functions to full-on server hosting, storage, security, AI and Machine Learning and more, partners can offer their clients a comprehensive list of world-class cloud services.

Best of all, these services are billed in rands and supported by locally by Tarsus on Demand, a company with many years of technical expertise under its belt and a wealth of highly-trained IT experts who are at its partners’ beck and call.

Meet CloudBlue

At the heart of Tarsus on Demand’s ability to get cloud services into its partners’ hands is a world-class automation system that does all of the heavy lifting, from processing payments to managing accounts to delivering the end product. It’s called CloudBlue, and it allows Tarsus on Demand to procure any of Microsoft’s digitally-sold products and services at any time of the day or night, entirely without a human intervening between partners and Microsoft. CloudBlue effectively lets partners place Azure orders with Tarsus on Demand, 24 hours a day, and have their product codes hit their Inboxes within minutes of clicking “Buy”. That functionality also gives Tarsus on Demand the ability to provision other Microsoft software and generate highly granular bills that allow partners to know exactly what they paid for, and when. CloudBlue‘s powerful automated capabilities are what gives Tarsus on Demand a unique value proposition in the cloud space that’s unmatched in the local market.

Tarsus on Demand can provide partners with access to the following Azure services via secure, encrypted channels:

  • Linux/Windows virtual machine hosting

  • Managed Storage – Blob, File, Queue

  • Database Hosting – SQL, Cosmos

  • Compute – Apps, Functions

  • Service Fabric for building and operating always-on, scalable, distributed apps
  • Security and Identity Management via Active Directory

  • AI and Machine Learning functions

  • Usage monitoring through Insight & Analytics

  • Azure Security Centre for visibility and peace of mind

Partners can sell these on to their clients, leveraging them for the power, cost-savings and convenience they offer. Even more importantly, procuring Azure services through Tarsus on Demand has several other benefits that aren’t available by going direct.

Top reasons to consider Azure from Tarsus on Demand:

  • It’s ideal for workloads that aren’t latency-sensitive and don’t need to be done on-premise

  • Get access to granular, niche services on demand like spinning up a SQL database for a quick project or plugging in a specific function

  • Procure services from the cloud without having to buy the servers they run on

  • Bolt tailored services on (and off) as and when you need them

  • Azure reduces the amount of engineering skill required to take full advantage of cutting-edge IT services

  • Excellent cloud storage pricing