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Tarsus on Demand makes use of a platform called CloudBlue that allows you to structure your cloud offerings and client engagements in one place. It’s an automated and accessible space that ensures you can manage bills, build relevant solutions, and add value.

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The cloud offers channel members a future-proof and strategic way of ensuring that systems and solutions are best of breed and scaled according to demand.

One of the benefits of working with Tarsus on Demand is that we’ve developed a self-service automation platform called CloudBlue. This is a personalised dashboard that allows partners to plug in a host of cloud offerings to their customers.

CloudBlue allows you to structure your cloud offerings and client engagements in one place. Digitise your business and access a host of leading cloud solutions that you can bundle alongside your core offerings to your customers. This platform allows you to create your own e-commerce experience, and ultimately deliver more value to your customers at a lower cost to your business.

Tarsus on Demand provides support and training so you can grow your business and enhance your multiple customer touch points through an in-depth understanding of the products and solutions on offer.

CloudBlue allows you to craft highly targeted solutions that match very specific client needs. With these tools, the on-hand training and support, the targeted skills development, and ongoing feature development, Tarsus on Demand helps you build and manage your entire cloud business easily and efficiently.

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