LocalCloud BUILD YOUR OWN CLOUD Local Cloud Offering HOST WITH TARSUS VIRTUAL DATACENTRE Access to expert local support

Recently upgraded to offer even greater performance, reliability and cost-efficiency, Tarsus on Demand’s Local Cloud and Virtual Datacentre offering is built on a partnership with South Africa’s largest tier 1 datacentre provider, making it possible for partners to build their own cloud businesses that can be scaled as needed.

We do this by building servers and having them hosted across various points of presence across the country, using only that tier 1 provider’s rack space and power – all of the physical hardware and connections belong to us.

Working with us, our partners not only have the opportunity to build their own cloud services on top of our vDC solution, but to draw on our in-house experts for assistance in planning, deploying, and support purposes as well.

How Local Cloud works

Partners communicate their server requirements, and Tarsus on Demand delivers a quote to provide a pool of server resources that can meet those needs. Once approved, Tarsus on Demand provisions the resources into an orchestration portal that’s powered by VMWare. Partners then log into that portal and build as many servers as their allocated hardware pool allows for. And as this is all based in the cloud, partners can hot-add resources to their virtual servers on the fly, but only so long as those additional resources are part of their allocated hardware pool. Signing up is as easy as contacting a Tarsus on Demand sales person.

Highly recommended: Procure more resources than needed in order to build a buffer that’s able to support any scaling that’s required. That way, there’s no need to go through the provisioning process all over again.

Why Tarsus on Demand?

Virtual Datacentre User

Having total control over the datacentre resources at our disposal means we can offer incredible granularity: should a partner want a specific number of server processor cores and a non-standard amount of RAM, we can accommodate.

Our vDC offering has access to the entire stack of products and services from popular public cloud providers, which partners can pick and choose from in order to build the services they will on-sell to their customers.

We offer Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels of SLA-based backup and support.

Our virtual datacentre offers peace of mind with excellent resiliency that uses automatic host failover clustering that instantly migrates resources to the next available server in the unlikely event of a hardware failure. This ensures the maximum uptime of allocated resources by keeping downtime as close to zero as possible.

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Key benefits of Tarsus on Demand’s VDC offering:

  • Local hosting that supports your compliance needs

  • Easy, affordable way to provision short-term resources for quick projects

  • No need to buy hypervisor licensing

  • Lowers the barrier to entry to building a cloud-based business

  • Extends local network resources into the cloud with an IPSec tunnel

  • Access to expert local support

Excellent for:

  • Spinning up an SQL database

  • Bolting on extra services as and when they are needed

  • Buying services, not the servers that run them

  • Low-cost cloud storage

  • Reducing the need for significant in-house engineering expertise