Microsoft Azure

Tarsus on Demand offers resellers access to every service available in Microsoft Azure. And since Microsoft offers everything imaginable from the cloud, from storage to specific hosted functions to full-on server hosting, storage, security, AI and Machine Learning, and more, resellers can offer their clients a comprehensive list of world-class cloud services. Best of all, these services are billed in rands and supported by locally by Tarsus on Demand, a company with many years of technical expertise under its belt and a wealth of highly-trained IT experts who are at its resellers’ beck and call.


Local Cloud and Virtual Datacentre

Tarsus on Demand’s Local Cloud and Virtual Datacentre offering, built on a partnership with South Africa’s largest tier 1 datacentre provider, makes it possible for partners to build their own cloud businesses that can be scaled as needed. We do this by building servers and having them hosted across various points of presence across the country, using only that tier 1 provider’s rack space and power – all of the physical hardware and connections belong to us. By leveraging someone else’s facilities and our own in-house server hardware and cloud expertise, we have created a virtual datacentre whose resources can be dynamically allocated according to partner needs. Working with us, our partners not only have the opportunity to build their own cloud services on top of our VDC solution, but to draw on our in-house experts for assistance in planning, deploying, and support purposes as well.