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The cloud era is upon us. And ripe for capitalisation. Any business just moving ahead ‘as usual’ is going to be disrupted by one that’s looking for cloud-based solutions and services.

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Any business today that is just carrying on ‘as usual’ is going to be disrupted by a business that is looking for cloud-based solutions and services to power its operations.

For the partner, adapting business to the as-a-service model is a smart move that allows you to enhance solution delivery to your customers. From bundling services to adding value and streamlining license management, cloud-based solutions allow the partner to develop a powerful future-focussed offering for customers that’s both relevant and cost-effective. It also allows partners to see a gain in profitability and revenue.

Any customers that continue sitting on the fence can be swayed with statistics that show how the cloud is more secure, enhances compliance (including POPIA and GDPR), improves productivity and cuts business costs. Cloud-based solutions are so easily scalable that they allow you to seamlessly add value to any offering, on demand.

Tarsus on Demand, allows you to move from an outdated model of solution provision towards one that is both customisable and cost-effective. This type of model also removes the traditional CAPEX burden that impacts on most businesses bottom lines. It is a marked shift from the traditional approach to reselling technology software, but it’s a shift that that makes sense.