With the advent of cloud hosting, collaboration and security, the IT infrastructure game has changed. Tarsus on Demand knows this all too well.

While appetite for the cost-efficiency the cloud’s subscription-based costing model brings to the table, not to mention scalability and reduced management complexity is stronger than ever, for many end-user customers, lifting and shifting resource from an on-premise datacentre and relocating it in an offsite facility – whether that’s a local datacentre, a virtual datacentre, or a true public cloud offering can be daunting.

And compounding this, many of the channel partners these end-users would normally call on to assist with the strategy, planning, orchestration and ultimately, services associated with making the move into the cloud world, feel as daunted by the plethora of options and approaches.

Tarsus on Demand is the solution to these challenges.

Addressing the market need

We realised there was a strong need in the market for a services expertise around the cloud ecosystem, as well as a requirement for the simplification and rationalisation of the vast array of offerings available today.

An unwavering commitment to the channel has been a hallmark of the Tarsus Group since inception. And carrying this mantle forward, Tarsus on Demand is focused on enabling channel partners to assist their end user customers with their cloud requirements.

The Tarsus on Demand difference

We achieved this through a two-pronged approach: by incorporating the best cloud skills in the South African market, with an aggregation of the top cloud offerings on the market.

All controls are presented in a single, intuitive management dashboard that allows for the provisioning, management and billing of an array of offerings from separate vendors and brands.

Professional Services

Tarsus on Demand’s professional services capabilities allow partners to jump-start their cloud business and draw on a full range of services from strategy, to architecture, to migration and even day-today management, which they can in turn provide to their customers.

Delivering the promise of cloud, today

In order for the model to work, the end-user customer needs to be at the centre of the universe. Combining the services on offer with the solutions on offer and wrapping this in Tarsus on Demand’s management platform ensures that the end-user customer is assured of the best solution, the best skills and the best management tools to make the move to cloud.

Tarsus on Demand has succeeded in creating a channel ecosystem that delivers the promise of cloud, today.